Saturday , July 31 2021

UP Block Pramukh Chunav: Beauty of Democracy! The wife of the sweeper won the election of the block chief, the husband would still continue to do his work

The wife of a sweeper has won the UP Block Pramukh Chunav. Soniya, wife of Sunil Kumar, who cleaned the Balliakhedi block, has now become the Block Pramukh (Sweeper Wife Become Block Pramukh). Due to this, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the village including his family. On Sonia’s victory, CM Yogi called it the beauty of democracy.

Sonia, the wife of sweeper Sunil Kumar, is a domestic worker. She has studied up to B.A. Today she has become the president of Baliakhedi Block due to her hard work. It is said that everyone gets equal opportunities in a democracy. This has proved to be absolutely true after the wife of a sweeper became the block president.

The wife of the sweeper became the block head

There was a very long line for the BDC president in Baliyakhedi village. But the BJP was looking for an educated Scheduled Caste candidate on the reserved seat here. Sonia’s name was proposed by BJP leader Mukesh Chaudhary to the party. After which a consensus was reached on the name of Sonia. After the support of BJP, every obstacle in Sonia’s path got removed. After which Sonia was elected unopposed as the block chief of Baliyakhedi village.

. When BJP leader Mukesh Chaudhary proposed the name of BDC Sonia, a consensus was reached in the party. Now Sonia had the support of BJP. In a tug-of-war, the opposition withdrew one by one and Sonia was elected unopposed as the block chief of Balliakhedi.

Sonia elected unopposed as block chief

Sunil Kumar, a resident of Nalheda village, has been working as a Safai Karamchari in Baliyakhedi village for many years. BDC Sajasya’s seat was reserved in Panchayat elections. That is why only a woman belonging to the Scheduled Castes had to get this seat. After which, at the behest of the villagers, Sunil Kumar got his wife Sonia to contest the election. In which he got victory. Then the name of Sonia for the block chief was proposed by the BJP leader. With the nomination, Sonia was elected unopposed as the block chief.

Block chief Sonia says that it is only because of the support of her husband and family that she has been able to win the election. She said that as the block chief, she would work for the development of the village. She says that her husband will still continue with his job. Sonia said that the house runs from the salary of her husband. She has become the block chief for only 5 years, but her husband’s job is for 60 years.

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