Thursday , October 21 2021

UP: 8-month-old pregnant woman dies, 8 hospital wandering families in 12 hours, no one did the admit

On Friday, an eight-month pregnant woman died in Uttar Pradesh’s Gautam Buddha Nagar district. Family members allege that during the 12 hours, eight hospitals in the district refused to admit the woman. He died due to a lack of timely treatment. The woman was having trouble breathing due to high blood pressure. The Gautam Budh Nagar district administration has ordered an inquiry into the matter.

According to the news, the woman was a resident of Khoda area of ​​Ghaziabad and is now survived by her husband and a five-year-old son. The woman’s brother Shailendra Singh told in interaction with Sunday Express that she had gone with his brother-in-law to at least 6 hospitals in the city. It was then taken by ambulance to two hospitals. It is alleged that most of the hospitals said that they do not have beds to admit the patient.

Family members allege that the hospitals from which pregnant women were refused to be admitted include Sharda Hospital. When the hospital administration was asked about this, he said that the patient was admitted for a while and during this time he was put on a ventilator and then referred to another hospital.

The woman was then taken to Fortis Hospital. The hospital said that the woman was referred to another hospital in cardiac life support ambulance due to critical condition.


When the family finally reached the gym with the woman, she was declared dead there. Jims described the incident as unfortunate and also said that more patients are admitted to the hospital than the prescribed limit. Gautam Budh Nagar District Magistrate Suhas LY said that an inquiry has been ordered into the matter. CMO and ADM Finance will be involved in this investigation. The officers have been asked to finish the investigation as soon as possible and submit the report.

The woman’s brother said that ‘First he went to the ESI Hospital in Sector 24, from where he was referred to another hospital. We then went to the district hospital in Sector 30, where we were told that beds were not available. He then went to Shivalik Hospital, where the woman was admitted a few days ago. The woman was also refused to be admitted there.

Family members said that after this, Fortis and Jaypee Hospital also refused to admit the woman. He then took the woman to Sharda, Jims, Max Hospital, but the woman was not admitted there either. During this time, the relatives kept on carrying the woman from one hospital to another for about 12 hours, hungry thirsty. When the woman was finally taken to the gym again, the woman had died.

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