Wednesday , October 20 2021

Unlock opens IPL-13 route, now only one hurdle, know what is that

New Delhi: The prospects of the 13th season of IPL are getting stronger. Now the lockdown is on its way to end and after that LockDown will be on its way to being unlocked. Many things will open in Unlock 1.0. After that, you will see the way of IPL also opening. The new guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding Lockdown 5.0 are boosting the expectations of organizing the world’s largest league ie IPL 2020. The Ministry of Home Affairs has ordered all the things to be started gradually in three stages in Unlock 1.0 under Lockdown 5.0. In its third phase, after assessing the situation, it has been said that air travel, gymnasium, swimming pool, sports, recreation programs are allowed to be organized as well as allow large number of people to gather.

When the process of unlocking starts, first of all the things of the country will be opened slowly and if all goes well, then soon foreign air travel can also start. On this, BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal has said that unlocking is a positive initiative. Arun Dhumal says that if foreign trips start and sports activities are allowed, then we can plan for the future of IPL 2020. That is, whatever announcements are being made by the government, the BCCI is keeping a close watch on them and the possibilities of IPL are being searched every time. Although no date has been spoken about the IPL by the BCCI, but there is a possibility that the way the situation is improving, it seems that the IPL could be happening in October. You do not have to wait too much for this.

Now the monsoon has given hand in the country and we will soon see rain. Also, this time there is a hope of having a good monsoon, that is, there will be plenty of rain, but as soon as the monsoon ends and the weather is fine, we can get the thrill of IPL. Even if BCCI wants it, IPL cannot be done before the end of monsoon.

Along with this, you also have to keep in mind that much of the future of IPL will depend on the T20 World Cup. There is speculation in Australia about the postponement of the T20 World Cup from 18 October to 15 November, but no decision has been made in the ICC board meeting. This decision was deferred till 10 June. Let us tell you that Cricket Australia is not in the mood to organize T20 World Cup in October-November in view of Corona virus because it will not be easy for 16 teams to make so many arrangements in a bio-secure environment. However, Cricket Australia also wants that if the T20 World Cup is to be postponed later this year, then it will be given the hosting of this World Cup next year, while the hosting of next year’s T20 World Cup is already handed over to India. 

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