Thursday , September 23 2021

Unique case: divorce between husband and wife due to Uber cab

There is hardly anyone who would not know about Uber cabs. Because Uber cabs have provided a lot of convenience to the public. But just think if your marriage is broken due to this Uber cab. You must be thinking how this can happen. So let us tell you an example related to Uber cab.

A husband and wife got divorced. Now the husband has held Uber cab responsible for this divorce. Also, the husband has demanded compensation of about 34 crores rupees from the Uber company.

The husband alleges that this happened because of the Uber app. Because of this, his wife came to know about the French businessman’s affair and after that the wife divorced from her husband. After this, an angry businessman sued Uber, demanding compensation of 400 million pounds, or about 34 crore rupees.

He said that whenever he went out, he used to hire Uber for the trip. After this, a notification used to come on his wife’s mobile. Due to this notification, his wife began to feel that he was having an affair with another woman.

The businessman alleges that despite his exit from the Uber account, notifications about his journey continued to come on his wife’s mobile. After this, the wife divorced the husband due to suspicion. Now husband has sought compensation from Uber cab. At the same time, Uber has said to meet the complainant in this case.

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