Sunday , September 19 2021

Two years ago, the girl killed her friend, Facebook photo reveals all secrets

Recently, a case has come up which is really surprising. You must have heard a saying that no matter how vicious the perpetrator is, but he definitely makes a mistake. On the other hand, the incident which we are going to tell you today is from Canada where a woman friend was sentenced in the crime of killing a girl.

Actually, tell you the whole story, before the accused woman murdered her friend, she shared a picture which was also posted on Facebook, but that accused would not even know that one of her pictures caused her to die. will prove. At the same time, the police got a clue from this picture, after which the investigation was done very fast and when the reality came to light, the murderer was arrested and sent to jail.

For information, tell us that 2 years ago in the Saskatchewan area of ​​Canada, the corpse of 18-year-old Britney Gargol was found near a litter heap and someone strangled that Britney and a belt was lying near the corpse was. The police started investigating with the belt in its possession. The police had no clue of the killer other than that belt. One day, suddenly the police caught sight of Britney’s friend Cheenrose Antoine’s Facebook account.

Antoine took a selfie with Brittany on her Facebook page. When the police looked at this selfie carefully, it came to know that Britney was killed shortly after taking the selfie, even till the time was found only, but then suddenly the police caught sight of Antoine, which was She was dressed in a selfie.

Yes, the police were very surprised when they saw that belt because it was the same belt that was found near Brittany’s corpse. After this, Antoine was taken into custody by the police. In this case, when the police strictly questioned Antoin, he confessed his crime and after that Antoine told the story to the police that he had drunk too much on the night of the murder.

There was a debate between the two about something and this debate grew so much that it turned into a quarrel. What was it then? Angrily, Antoine strangled Britney to death and threw the corpse near a garbage dump.

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