Tuesday , June 15 2021

Tusshar Kapoor reveals son Laksshya loves dancing, says ‘My parents indulge him the most’

Tusshar Kapoor reveals son Laksshya loves dancing

Tusshar Kapoor reveals son Laksshya loves dancing

Like in any other household, actor Tusshar Kapoor says even in his house it is his parents who indulge his son Laksshya the most. Laksshya will turn five in June and it seems he loves dancing — just like his grandfather, yesteryears dancing superstar Jeetendra.

“I have danced with him and he has done a good job in the videos that I have done with him. He dances with whoever he feels comfortable. The ones who indulge him the most are my parents. The grandparents always indulge the kids the most, in every family,” he told IANS, about the affection Laksshya gets from his parents, actor Jeetendra and producer Shobha Kapoor.

He adds: “My son loves to dance and sing because of all that they do in school. He was a bit shy initially but he has opened up. He enjoys dancing and is in touch with that side of his personality. I like that he loves indulging in the arts. I don’t know if he will become an actor eventually, but he definitely will become a well-balanced, well-rounded student for sure. He has excelled academically and takes active participation in physical education, dance and music.”

However, his classmates are his favourite dancing partners, says Tusshar.

“He dances more with his friends from school, even when they are dancing online in their homes. He likes dancing if we have to shoot a homework video,” he says.

The actor adds that Laksshya is yet to see his films.

“My son hasn’t started seeing my films as yet and will probably start soon. He has his own favourites like the ‘Avengers’ and cartoons and he likes Mickey Mouse cartoons and different YouTube videos that are interesting and intelligent for kids. I have not introduced him to Bollywood yet,” he says.

Meanwhile, the actor recently completed two decades in the industry. Talking about his journey, he says: “The two decades been like a rollercoaster. I have learnt a lot, achieved a lot, lots of hard work and learning. I can write a book on my last two decades. It has been rewarding and helped me grow as a human being. Made me stronger and work harder. I want to be in the industry all my life and that goes to show that the last two decades has made me a happier person.”

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