Sunday , July 25 2021

Tulsi leaves are a panacea in winter cold

Minor scratches and bruises on the body are common. When there is a wound on the skin of your body during sports or any work, then the body gets involved in the process of healing it immediately. If the skin is peeled or cut, then leaving that wound open just like that, ointment should be applied on it.

Home remedies for wounds:

# Aloe Vera: If you want to cure cuts and peels immediately, then Aloe Vera juice should be applied on it.

Turmeric Powder: It is antiseptic, it prevents infection. Apply turmeric powder on the cut area.

Honey: After washing the wound on the skin with water, apply a little honey and swelling will also be taken from it.

Tea tree oil: This is a great antibiotic medicine, which heals the wound very quickly.

# Vinegar: Even if it burns by applying it on the cut skin. Put a drop of it on cotton and apply it on the wound.

# Sugar: Sugar completely absorbs the water leaking from the wound and keeps the infection away.

# Tea bag: If there is bleeding from the wound, then put a tea bag on it. Due to this the wound heals quickly.

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