Friday , September 17 2021

Tokyo Olympics: Coach slaps a woman player before going to the match: Video

In the Tokyo Olympics 2020 being played in the capital of Japan from 23 July, players from all over the world are performing well to make their country proud. All the players are giving their 100 percent. Meanwhile, many interesting anecdotes were also seen in the Tokyo Olympics, recently a video surfaced in which the Argentine coach was seen proposing his player, while now a similar case was seen.

During a competition in Tokyo Olympics 2020, a coach slapped his player and all this happened when the women’s player’s match was about to start.

The coach slapped the female player before going to the karate match
This case is about the coach of Germany’s judo player Martina Trazdos. Martina’s match was to be with Hungary’s Sozfi Ojbus, before this match, this video is becoming very viral on social media, in which Martina’s coach slapped her two-four in the cheek before going to the karate match.

At the same time, as soon as the video of this incident went viral, people started condemning the coach. People are shocked by this behavior of the coach.

Coach’s statement, this is the custom of our country, there is no wrong intention in this
After the reaction of the people after the video went viral, now the statement of the coach has also come to the fore. Let us tell you that after the match, Martina herself denied this to the coach on her social media and wrote that this is the custom of our country, which is done before the match. He has further written that there is no wrong intention of the coach in this nor is it his style of coaching. For information, let us tell you that Andrew Gordy has shared this video.

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