Saturday , October 23 2021

This job will not be done without a high security number plate on the vehicle, know the complete detail

Lucknow.  In Uttar Pradesh, vehicles that do not have a high security number plate (HSRP) will be installed. Now work related to their RTO will not be possible. Without high security number plates, transfer of vehicles, change of address and fitness certificate etc. will not be possible. Strict action will be taken against the non-compliance of the RTO and ARTO. After the imposition of HSRP, it will also be possible to authenticate the e-challan. Rajesh Kumar Singh, Principal Secretary, Uttar Pradesh Transport Department, has issued orders in this regard. In an order sent to the Transport Commissioner, he said that the High Security Number Plate has been made mandatory.

Along with this, many programs are also being run by the Transport Department with the objective of ensuring road safety by establishing inter-departmental coordination. Under this, the imposition of HSRP is an important program. There are many benefits from its application. The Principal Secretary has said that it will be possible to authenticate the e-challan after the imposition of HSRP. He said that fitness certificate should be given to any motor vehicle only when it has HSRP. High security number plates have been made mandatory on all types of vehicles except private, commercial vehicles.

Number plate booking slip valid

Now, transfer of high security number plate, change of address, insurance, fitnesh certificate and all operations were banned. Before getting the work done, it will be necessary to install a high security number plate on the vehicle. The receipt received by booking HSRP online has also been validated for working in RTO. That is, by showing the receipt, you will be able to work with the RTO. This is done because the vehicle owner gets 10 to 15 days after the HSRP booking to get the plate installed. Principal Secretary informed that on booking of the number plate, it will be assumed that in future HSRP will be fitted on the vehicle

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