Tuesday , October 19 2021

This is the world’s most precious cow, you will be surprised to know the price and milk

Today we are taking abouat this cow is called Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy and this cow was found in Alberta, USA and friends it is being called the most expensive cow in the world. The price of this cow is 23 crore rupees, I can’t believe it or not, it doesn’t matter much, but it is true.

These days the magic of this cow has soared to the heads of the people that it is winning in all the competitions. Even before participating in any competition, its win is considered to be certain was bid.

That auction is worth 3 decimal 23 million dollars, or about 23 million rupees. It is reported that the Holstein breed cows found in North America are considered to be one of the finest cows in the world. Gives about 9700 liters of milk.

In North America, milk production has increased considerably due to the Canadian Holstein breed cows.

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