Tuesday , October 19 2021

This has become too much China is now scared of Pakistan’s name, ‘edict’ on nationalism

New Delhi: The violent clashes between the Indian-China army personnel on the eastern Ladakh border last week have been a major cause of tension between the two countries. In the midst of efforts to reduce tensions, both sides have also started the process of strengthening their military base on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Meanwhile, the Chinese government’s mouthpiece ‘Global Times’ is also continuously threatening the Indian political establishment. The style of intimidation is also quite unique, which shows that even China is not taking India’s military strength lightly. In such a situation, he is in Pakistan and Nepal. The jackal is also giving fire. Now the newspaper in its editorial has acted as a threat to the Modi government due to the possibility of tensions between the two countries on business relations. The editorial has warned that India will have to pay the most for the loss of business relations. Along with this, the newspaper has also advised ordinary Indians not to be fooled by nationalism.

The violent struggle was unfortunate At the beginning of its editorial, the newspaper has declared the violent struggle on June 15 along the Line of Actual Control as unfortunate. Along with this, he has also warned that this violent struggle should not be used by politicians living outside or inside India and the Conspiracy Theorist to incite hatred or inculcate nationalism against China. Especially in that case when India has to depend on neighboring countries like China for the development of its economy.

Since the violent clash between Indian and China troops, China has been constantly talking about resolving the issue through peace and dialogue. However, the Chinese army is busy preparing for war on the Tibet border and Chinese government media is constantly threatening India in different ways. This time again, China has warned that if the impact of tensions between the two countries had an impact on business relations, then it could prove fatal for India. China has also advised Indians not to be foolish in the affair of ‘nationalism’.

India did not come under the provocation of America,
along with this, ‘Global Times’ has also asked the New Delhi administration to take precautions. Especially the third country, America, has not been asked to come into the abetment. The newspaper writes in its editorial that the controversy over the incitement of a third country can turn into a bitter diplomatic war or its effects may come in the form of several more violent skirmishes along the Indo-China border. He has advised that the Modi government of India, working with peace and patience, should investigate the whole matter and work towards improving the relations and maintaining peace and stability on the border.

China is the biggest partner of Indiain this editorial, Indians have been advised not to be foolish under the guise of ‘nationalism’. It says that India needs a partner like China economically and strategically. China is India’s largest trading partner and the foundation of India’s development is foreign investment, a large part of which is coming from China. The newspaper also referred to retired military officer Ranjit Singh, saying that the power establishment and common people of New Delhi need to avoid them. He writes that people like Ranjit Singh are advocating a ‘retort’ to China by giving a slogan of pseudo nationalism. Significantly, Ranjit Singh had placed a demand for Boycott of Chinese products in a TV debate.

A given example of Chinese investment: The newspaper writes that China has invested in 18 of India’s 30 big startups. Apart from this, all the important things like domestic salmon, TV, microwave, air conditioner, mobile phone, laptop are being imported into India from China itself. India gets all the goods from China very cheaply, if it wants to take all these from somewhere else then its price can be very heavy. Along with this, the newspaper also advocates India not to increase tension with the Asian islands especially China-Pakistan. He writes in a threatening manner that India shares the longest border with these two countries.

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