Friday , September 17 2021

This country has a unique nightclub in the world, where people dance to Sanskrit songs.





New Delhi: Hindi, Punjabi or English songs are usually played in nightclubs in our country, on which people are seen dancing. But have you ever seen a nightclub where people dance to Sanskrit songs. You must be very surprised to hear this, but there is also a country in the world where people dance not on Hindi or English but on Sanskrit songs. Today we are telling you about this unique nightclub.

The name of this country is Argentina, where there is a nightclub called Grove in the capital city of Buenos-Aires. Songs like Ganesh Sharanam, Govinda-Govinda, Jai-Jai Radha Raman Hari Bol and Jai Krishna Hare are played here. This Knight Club in Argentina is unique in many ways. You will be surprised to know that this Buenos-Aires nightclub is not a small nightclub, but here around 800 people are seen dancing to the songs together.

In fact, Viswanathan, an Indian diplomat, visited Argentina in 2012 and shared his experiences. He told that neither liquor nor people are seen smoking in that nightclub. Even drugs are prohibited in this nightclub and meat and fish are also not available. Only soft drinks, fruit juice and vegetarian food are available here. Rodrigo, who sings in this nightclub, says that the body’s connection with the soul is established through mantras, yoga, meditation, music and dance.

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