Wednesday , October 20 2021

This child is just six years old, six pack abs, is the star of social media

In today’s time, people from all over the world have started focusing on their fitness. Especially young, but a mere six-year-old child in Iran, who has become famous worldwide due to his 6 pack abs. Yes, the name of this child is Arat Hosaini, who lives in the city of Babol, Iran. This child who has become a star on social media is famous not only because of his 6 pack abs but also for playing football. Apart from this, he is also a gymnast. Aart’s fame can be gauged from the fact that he has more than 40 lakh followers on Instagram. Millions of likes come on each of his posts. At such a young age, Aart has become so famous, that even the biggest film stars are not able to be.

Let us tell you that Aart was born on 30 September 2013 in Liverpool, England. Now he is taking sports training at Liverpool Academy itself. You will be surprised to know that Aart started doing gymnastics when he was just nine months and by the age of two, he had become the headlines of international media. The credit for making Aart famous goes to his father Mohammad, who started training for Aart at a very little age. There have been many allegations against him that he makes his younger son work so hard for the money at an early age. To this, he replied that his son has been very active towards athletics from a young age and he is only helping him so that he can grow up and fulfill his dream.

This child is just six years old, six pack abs, is the star of social media

Aart’s hair is long, due to which people often forget to think of him as a girl. Aart also likes to play football. His dream is to grow up and play for Barcelona Soccer Club. His favorite football player is Lionel Massey and he wants to play like him.

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