Thursday , October 21 2021

This blood group is most vulnerable to corona, research reveals

New DelhiCoronavirus has caught more than 65 lakh people worldwide so far. The death toll due to this is also going to reach close to four lakh. The symptom of this disease is that the patient has difficulty breathing. Due to this, he also dies. Now research has revealed that which patient will have difficulty in breathing, it depends on his blood group.

The biggest threat to this blood group was
revealed in this report that the patients of A positive group have more difficulty in breathing when the corona is infected. While in O positive patients this risk is less. This research has been done on about 1600 people. Doctors have done this research on the basis of genes. In the research, researchers also analyzed 2205 blood samples that were not infected with corona.

For the vaccine
coronavirus has not been made yet, scientists of many countries are engaged in preparing its vaccine, but none have been successful. More than 100 companies are currently preparing the Corona vaccine. But so far no one has received any concrete success. Meanwhile, two companies have given good news and claimed that their vaccine is proving to be effective in the initial stages.

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