Monday , August 2 2021

These bad habits can damage your kidney

Kidney is an important part of our body. When it fails, it is difficult for a human being to live. Some of our bad habits can damage the kidneys. Today we are going to talk about some such bad habits of our everyday, due to which there can be kidney and urine related problems. 

 # Habit of drinking less water: If you do not drink enough water throughout the day, then the kidney will not be able to get enough of the fluid it needs to clean the blood. Due to which the dirt present in the blood will remain in your body and many diseases will get a chance to go home.  

Habit of holding urine: If you hold urine regularly then it can prove to be dangerous for your kidney. Due to this bad habit, the risk of kidney stone formation increases. In this case, the kidney gets a lot of damage.  

Habit of drinking soda and alcohol: If you drink cold drinks or alcohol in large quantities, then this habit is harmful not only for your urine but also for the whole body.

# Not getting enough sleep: If we do not get enough sleep or do not sleep properly, then this function also gets hindered and the pressure on the kidney increases. In this case, urinary problems also start occurring. That’s why getting enough sleep is very important.  

# Consuming more salt or sweets: Some people have a habit of eating too much salt, due to which the amount of sodium in the body increases, due to which there is more stress on the kidneys and problems start. 

Apart from this, by consuming more sweets, protein starts coming out of the urine, due to which the kidneys start getting damaged.

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