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There are 8 warnings on increasing uric acid in the body, stop eating and drinking at the same time.

Uric acid reaches the kidneys via blood in the body. Most of the time uric acid is excreted through the body through urine. But in some cases when uric acid is not able to get out of the body, then when it is overpriced, many health problems are faced, such as arthritis, joint pain, gout and inflammation.

What is uric acid?

Uric acid is an element composed of elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, which the body derives from proteins as amino acids. When the kidney is not able to filter properly, urea is converted into uric acid and stored in the middle of the bones. Increasing the amount of uric acid between bones leads to gout, which is a type of arthritis disease in which there is a lot of pain in the joints of the body.

There are 8 warnings on increasing uric acid in the body, stop eating and drinking at the same time.

Symptoms of increased uric acid

Kidneys are also no longer able to filter smoothly when uric acid increases. In such a situation, it is very important to know what are the symptoms when uric acid increases in the body. In most cases, uric acid increases in the body. So don’t understand quickly.
But once these symptoms are known, it becomes easier to control uric acid. People who have pain in the feet all the time or there is pain in the joints and ankles, burning sensation in the joints indicates excess of uric acid. Apart from this, the doctor must be seen even if there is swelling or lump in the body.
Problems in getting up and sitting and feeling tired all the time can also be signs of increased uric acid. Many times the patients of this disease have stinging pain in the fingers of the hands and feet which sometimes becomes more. People with obesity and diabetes are more likely to suffer from uric acid.

There are 8 warnings on increasing uric acid in the body, stop eating and drinking at the same time.

Avoiding these things on uric acid problem

To avoid uric acid problem, avoid eating curd, rice, dry fruits, lentils and spinach, protein is present in all these things which increases this problem.
– Do not consume milk or lentils before sleeping at night, due to this, uric acid starts accumulating in the body. Apart from this, avoid peeled dal completely.
If you like eating non-veg food, then stop eating meat, egg, fish immediately because the intake of these things increases the amount of uric acid in the body.
– Follow the rules of drinking water. Do not consume water while eating food. Drink water after an hour or an hour and a half before eating. Drink only a small amount of water with food.

Why uric acid increases

In today’s unhealthy lifestyle, people are suffering from many diseases. Proteins, called purines, have the biggest role in boosting uric acid. Let us know that uric acid is formed in the body when the body processes purine i.e. it breaks it into small things.
These proteins are produced in our body on our own and also in some food items as well as manure like cheese, redmeat, rajma and rice, there is a high amount of purine due to which people may have a problem of uric acid.
Apart from this, staying on an empty stomach or fasting for a long time also promotes high uric acid. Sometimes, excessive intake of blood pressure medicines also causes problem of increasing uric acid.

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