Sunday , July 25 2021

The sanctum sanctorum of the temple will be ready in 2023, devotees will be able to see Lord Ramlala: Champat Rai

The two-day meeting of the Ram Mandir Construction Committee in Ayodhya ended on Thursday. The small aspects of the engineering site were discussed in detail in the meeting. With this, taking a big decision in the meeting, Champat Rai, General Secretary of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra said that devotees will be given darshan of God before 2023.

Champat Rai told what to do next, which work has to be completed by what time. Where will the things needed for that come from? Many such small things were discussed. The first thought in the meeting is that the devotees should have darshan of God before the end of 2023. Where the sanctum sanctorum is about to be built, the establishment of God and devotees will start seeing it.

Complete 70 acre campus to be developed by 2025

General Secretary Champat Rai said that it was also discussed in the meeting that the remaining Ayodhya which is outside the temple complex should not face any problem with any plan of temple construction. The entire campus will be made in such a way that it will be eco-friendly. Sewer and water treatment will be taken care of. Retaining wall will also be installed in 3 directions to protect against water. Rai said that it has also been emphasized that the number of trees in the campus should be maximum so that the internal temperature is maintained naturally. General Secretary Champat Rai said that we will start the construction work of the temple by 2023 for the devotees, but by the end of 2025, the entire 70-acre complex will be fully developed.

Lift will be installed for Divyang and elderly

It was also discussed in the meeting that the stones of Jodhpur would be used in the park. At the same time, both granite and Mirzapur will be used to elevate the plinth. In this, three layers of granite will be installed on the outer side. It was told that now it has been considered to minimize the use of brick. Emphasis is being laid on putting more stones in the meeting. Keeping in mind the old passengers or any handicapped, there will be availability of lift for them and two lifts will be installed. General Secretary Champat Rai told that the door frame will be made of very high quality white marble of Makrana. Only pink sandstone of Bansi Paharpur will be used in those windows.

Working site to be shown to media on August 5

Champat Rai has asked the media to show the working site of the temple. He said that on the coming August 5, we will talk to the people related to security, show the media how the working site machines are working, how the feeling is happening, how roller compaction is happening. For this, after talking to the security section, their permission will be taken. Do as much checking as is necessary for security, recording inside with your camera, such a proposal has been kept in the meeting. All the engineers have agreed on this, now there is more to talk to the security.

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