The Kapil Sharma Show: When the makers asked Bhojpuri star Nirhua to work in the film for free, the actor reacted like this

The Kapil Sharma Show: The TV serial The Kapil Sharma Show is quite popular among the fans. Kapil’s show (episode number 103) was attended by Bhojpuri superstars Nirhua, Pawan Singh, Kajal Raghavan, Nidhi Jha and Amrapali Dubey. During this, Kapil had fun with the Bhojpuri stars. Kapil asked Nirahua the question and said, ‘Nirhua is a rumor about you that when the makers asked you to work in the film for free, then you responded to them in a unique way.’

Hearing Kapil’s question, Nirhua says, ‘This is true to avoid this so that no one can make me work in the film for free, I have spread the rumor that whoever makes me work in the film for free, then there is someone in me There is no problem but then that film does not run, it flops.

At the same time, the actor shared another funny anecdote during the show. The actor told that while the election campaign was going on, Ravi Kishan and Manoj Tiwari went to the party campaign in Bihar, Jharkhand. In the program, I too had to go to Jharkhand for party campaigning but Manoj Tiwari went with a helicopter and Ravi Kishan Ji took a helicopter.

I could not reach the party program, so I got a call that why did you not come to the program, then I said that there was no helicopter, but the answer came from the front that now the rickshaw-maker will also come in the helicopter. Hearing this talk of Nirhua, everyone sitting on the show starts laughing loudly.


Significantly, Dinesh Lal Yadav aka Nirhua started his film career in the year 2008 with the film Nirhua Rickshawala. After this film, he got the recognition of the actor. Dinesh Lal Yadav has a record of giving 5 hits in a single year including films from Patna to Pakistan, Nirhua Rixawala 2, Jigarwala, Rajababu, and Ghulami.

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