Wednesday , October 20 2021

The impact of the talks of Major General level was seen, the Chinese army released 10 soldiers, including two Major

20 of our soldiers were killed in a bloody clash between Indian and Chinese forces late Monday in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. While there were reports of many other jawans being taken hostage by China. In order to reduce the tension on the border, both countries have been connected to each other through Major General level talks for the last three days in this regard. Now the effect of this military level conversation has started showing. China released 10 Indian hostages held late Thursday. It is reported that these include two majors.

News agency PTI has claimed this by quoting those who know about the case. Reports said that it was agreed to release the soldiers in the Indian Army and the People’s Liberation Army only during Major-General level talks. However, no official statement has been made on this yet.

Significantly, in order to restore normalcy in the Galvan Valley of eastern Ladakh, India and China are constantly engaged in dialogue with each other. The army had issued a statement a day earlier and said that no of its soldiers were missing. All have been counted. No soldiers involved in the confrontation against China are missing. It is believed that the army gave this statement on Thursday on the incident on Monday only because of the return of all the soldiers.


Military sources said on Thursday that a total of 76 soldiers from India were injured in the Chinese attack. Of these, 18 were seriously injured, while 58 suffered minor injuries. Officials had said that 58 armies would return to duty within the next one week, while severely wounded soldiers may take up to two weeks to return to work. At present, these 18 jawans are admitted to the hospital in Leh, where they are undergoing treatment.


Significantly, on one side, while the Indian Army is continuously giving information about the soldiers who were martyred and injured in the encounter, the Chinese media has so far not disclosed about the soldiers who were killed in the skirmish. News agency ANI quoted Intercepts as saying that there have been a total of 43 Chinese casualties. At the same time, the US Intelligence report said that there are 35 casualties of China, many of them have died, while some more are seriously injured.

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