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The girl married herself by spending 1 lakh rupees, then kissed herself by looking in the mirror

New Delhi:  Marriages usually take place between boys and girls. In many cases, you must have seen the same thing happening between two men of the same gender, but have you ever heard of a single case of getting married by yourself. You are also shocked to read that how can a person get married to himself? but it’s true.

,this incident of marrying itself has happened in America. In America, after ending the relationship with her lover, a girl decided to marry herself instead of marrying another human being. After this decision, the girl also organized a wedding ceremony.

According to media reports, the girl also spent around US $ 1,000 (Rs 1.02 lakh) in this wedding ceremony. In this alleged wedding ceremony, the girl married herself. After marriage, the woman did herself whatever by looking at her face in the mirror.

Explain that the girl had a cordial breakup with her boyfriend in June 2020. The Atlanta-based girl wanted to marry her boyfriend in 2020. But, for some reason the two decided to separate. After this breakup, the girl decided to celebrate her marriage in a different way.

To marry herself, the girl ordered a cake and dress of choice –

According to media reports, the girl started working on a plan to get her married without a groom. Even for this occasion she ordered her favorite cake and dress. Not only this, he also bought a diamond ring for his marriage.

‘I don’t want to do anything to make other people happy about marriage’

The 35-year-old girl, after making preparations, married herself by organizing a formal ceremony and said that she had prepared a plan for her life and at the same time decided to pursue it while she was happy. The girl said that she no longer wants to do anything to please other people in this matter.

The girl’s closest friends and family attended this wedding ceremony in Colorado –

The girl admitted that she was not at first comfortable with her idea because friends and family members had ridiculed her for listening to the decision. But, she still went ahead with her decision. Held in Colorado, the wedding ceremony was attended by the girl’s closest friends and family members.

Like any other bride she read her vows written for herself-

Like any other bride she recited vows written for herself. After that, the girl accepted her wedding ring by herself and kissed herself while looking at her face in a mirror. Talking to the media, the girl said that this is a way to keep herself happy. At the same time, the girl said that I have tried to tell that by doing this, yes I too have some dreams of my own, which I am fulfilling.

The girl split from her boyfriend after the engagement in November 2019 last year.

Actually, Diogo Rabelle and Vittor Bueno engaged in November 2019 last year. They were to be married in October 2020. However, Vitor decided to leave Diogo in July following a summer debate. After this, Diogo decided to marry himself instead of canceling his wedding program.

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