Thursday , October 21 2021

The giant snake came out in the bathroom of the house, then this man grabbed it out by hand, watch the video

There will be few people who are not afraid of snakes. Why didn’t you? Imagine what would happen if a snake came out in your bathroom. Obviously the condition will worsen due to fear. However, a video from Australia has surfaced where Diamond Python entered the bathroom and was thrown out by a man. These videos are being seen extensively on social media and people are also talking about different kinds of things.

This video has been shared by ABC News and so far it has got more than 63 thousand views. While many people are telling this work of bravery, there are many people who do not want to see such videos. Actually, they are expressing their fear by seeing the dragon in the video too. They are also demanding to delete the video. At the same time, many people are also trying to describe this man as ‘crazy’.

Snake in the bathroom, the person grabbed and removed it

You can also watch this video from Australia. In this video, it appears that a tall dragon is in sync. At the same time, a person talking to the family members there grabs it comfortably and puts it in a bag. This person does this work very easily and does not seem to be upset or scared. There are other people who talk and a dog barks.

There are many reactions to this video. A person wrote that if I tried to catch this snake, something like this would happen.

One person started tweeting and asked to delete the video itself. At the same time, some people said that pythons are not very aggressive. Therefore it was easy to remove. Whatever it is, it looks scary to watch this video.

Some people even called the work of this person crazy, while some people found this dragon quite beautiful.

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