Tuesday , July 27 2021

The French should know this before kissing, otherwise they can be victims of serious illness

Kissing a partner is a common thing when romancing. But when it comes to sex, it is not just fun and fun, but there is also the risk of sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infection. Let us tell you that gonorrhea has a sexually transmitted disease which is quite common worldwide. Although gonorrhea spreads only through genitals, but a new research has said that there may be a risk of gonorrhea in the throat which spreads only by kissing.

According to a study published in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infection, deep kissing, which involves the use of the tongue during French kissing and kissing, also results in the risk of throat gonorrhea infection in gay or bisexual men. In addition to gonorrhea rectum, it can also occur in the throat and eyes and is considered very difficult because antibiotics also do not affect this infection at times.

Although public health campaigners have advised people to reduce the risk of gonorrhea through condom use, the results of this new study suggest that just giving this advice to people is not enough. To check whether there is a risk of gonorrhea in the throat through French kissing or deep kissing, the Public Health Service in Melbourne, Australia examined 3100 men between 2016-17 and collected data from them. The men included in the study were either gay or bisexual. This was done because gonorrhea is more common in people in this community than in heterosexuals. 

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