Friday , September 17 2021

The daughter was selling pens with her daughter in the sun, someone took a photo and changed her life





New Delhi: Civil war is going on in Syria. Due to this war, many people have created turmoil in their lives. Due to the war, people have been forced to leave their country and take refuge in another country. There are many Syrian refugees in the Lebanese city of Beirut who are forced to live on the streets. These people are filling their stomachs by doing small tasks.

Something similar happened with a Syrian refugee. After leaving the country, he moved to Beirut, Lebanon with his daughter. He used to sell pens on the streets here for subsistence. But one of his pictures changed his fortunes completely.

The person’s name in this photo went viral is Abdul. In the photo, he hangs his daughter on his shoulder and he is selling pens on a roaring afternoon. Abdul was requesting people to buy pens while someone took this photo. Put the photo on social media. The picture went viral and people were upset after seeing this situation of a father.

The picture made people cry – they
say that time is not always the same. Even when day turns, Ranka also becomes king. Abdul used to sell pens on the streets with his daughter on his shoulders till a few years ago. He used to earn bread for two days by selling pens. But due to just one viral photo, his life suddenly changed.

This picture of her daughter selling a pen sitting on her shoulder made people cry. Now he not only runs a good business of his own but also helps 16 other refugees like him to live a better life with employment.

Business from Donation’s money –
Gisar Simonarson, a Norwegian journalist, created an account on Twitter in the name of @buy_pens and appealed for funding after the photo went viral. He gave a target of $ 5000. At the end of the time of the appeal, it was found that people have contributed about 1 lakh 90 thousand dollars. It is about 1 crore 25 lakh in Indian currency. Gisar gave all the donation money to Abdul. Abdul started his business with the money received in donation. He also helped the rest of the refugees. He added 16 refugia to his business. Let us tell you that there are about 1.2 million refugees in Lebanon.

A pen-seller turned businessman –
a picture of Abdul won the heart of the world. Today Abdul has no shortage of anything. After getting help from people, he has become a businessman today. He has also taken his own two-bedroom apartment where he lives with his daughter Reem and son Abdullah.

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