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The Bollywood actress who gave a 4-minute kissing scene on screen in 1933, the fans were surprised



Fans will never forget Devika Rani, the first dream girl of Indian cinema. Devika Rani, who made everyone crazy with her beauty and acting, is known for her special style even today. Whenever the names of Bollywood’s best actresses are mentioned, Devika Rani’s name comes first in this list. Devika Rani played all kinds of roles in Bollywood, overtook all odds and surprised fans as well. Devika gave a kissing scene on screen when the actresses were far from the scene.

Bollywood's Longest Kissing Scene | Devika Rani - YouTube

At a time when women were hiding their faces in veils and Bollywood actresses were also draped in saris on screen, Devika Rani set her fans on fire with her style. In 1933 Devika Rani, who (seen kissing Devika Rani) set her fans on fire, shocked everyone with her beauty by giving them a kissing scene. Devika Rani started her film career in 1933 with the film Karma. In her debut film, the actress crossed the line of boldness. During that period, the actress surprised everyone by giving a four minute long kiss scene. The scene of such a kiss was shown on screen earlier in any film.

Let us tell you that Devika Rani is called the first dream girl of Indian cinema. Known for his rare acting, he was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award. Not only this, Devika Rani was awarded the Padma Shri in the year 1958. Devika was the great-granddaughter of Rani Rabindranath Tagore. Devika’s father Colonel MN Chaudhary was the first Surgeon General of Madras. At that time, the actress studied theater in London.

Devika raani

The less popular and acclaimed Devika, the less actresses are lucky to be internationally. Devika has acted in only 15 films in her ten-year career, with each film making its mark on the actress. But each of his films has a classic status. She used to do films which changed the way of thinking of society. Actress films at that time set new values ​​and standards in the international and Indian film world. The actress had gained international popularity



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