Saturday , October 23 2021

Temple construction in Ayodhya: 12 lakh cubic stones will be used to build the Ram temple, the foundation of the temple will be made like a huge rock.

Model of Ram temple.


Construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh will take 12 lakh cubic stones. These three level stones will take up to 4 million cubic feet in height up to the plinth, 4 lakh cubic feet in the construction of parkota and 4 lakh cubic feet in the construction of the main temple. The foundation of the temple has been excavated to a depth of 35 feet. Five-foot excavation is yet to be completed by the end of March. The work of filling the foundation of the temple will begin in the first week of April.

According to Champat Rai, General Secretary of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust, the focus of the temple trust is on accelerating the construction of the temple, after accumulating 2550 crore rupees in the 44-day fund-raising campaign. Regarding the technical action plan, the debris of 400 feet long 250 feet wide and 40 feet deep platform has so far left only debris.

Champat Rai told that the soil surface is now getting. It will be compacted by rolling a roller over the entire foundation area of ​​40 feet of excavation. After that, after filling the material, you will bring a strong layer up to 40 feet by running a roller on two feet. He said that in detailed talks with the engineering team experts on March 4, it has been revealed that the goal of completing the construction of the temple by 2023 has been set. A temple will be built in it.

Historical huge temple will be built
Champat Rai says that from the foundation of the temple to the entire construction, a team of specialized engineering experts has been set up only because it is an Etihasic temple rather than a normal temple. Experts from renowned institutes like CDRI Roorkee, IIT Chennai, IIT Pune, IIT Mumbai, Tata Engineering Services and L&T, NGRI Hyderabad have been engaged in the construction.

Only 6 percent cement will be used in the foundation of the temple

He said that according to the experts involved in the construction of the temple, only 6 percent cement will be used in the material that will be filled in the foundation. The rest of the stones and other materials will be used. This will make the foundation strong like rock, which will not be affected by natural calamities.

Now the machines will be carved into stone
According to Champat Rai, 12 artisan vendors have been manually tested for stone carved for 20 years. Those who are of opinion that the stones kept in the closed workshop since 2006 and the work done on these are of high quality. To speed up the work of stone carving, now stone will be carved with modern machines apart from manual artisans.


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