Thursday , October 21 2021

Stunned Pakistan again giving war to India, Qureshi said

Islamabad: India has had major success after being included as a provisional member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), which has upset the government led by Imran Khan in Pakistan. Angry reactions from Islamabad have started stung by this development. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, has given a vengeance to India (India) by warning against any reaction on the border.

Clear inclination towards China
During his address to the Upper House of Pakistan (Senate), Qureshi said, ‘Beware, be careful. Remember February 2019 and be prepared for our retaliation (retaliation) for taking a bad look at us. Qureshi, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Indian Foreign Minister S.K. Targeting Jaishankar, he said that Pakistan cannot be suppressed by Indians. Qureshi reiterated Islamabad’s tilt towards Beijing in the recent deadly clashes between Indian and Chinese forces in Ladakh. He said that Indian soldiers were getting casualties there.


Facing the isolation India is facing,
he said, ‘There has been a dramatic change in this area. China has openly fielded against India. He said, ‘Nepal, which was considered completely under the influence of India, is now claiming some disputed territories with India, while Sri Lanka and Bhutan also had their objections. Afghanistan also feels that India is disrupting the reconciliation process there. Qureshi told the Senate that India is facing secession and New Delhi is feeling the pressure.

Again during the repeat Kashmir Raga, Qureshi once again accused the Kashmir Raga Alapa and New Delhi of diverting the attention of the global community from the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Qureshi’s aggressive remarks come at a time when the Imran Khan-led government faces severe criticism from its opposition parties for failing to raise the Kashmir issue on the UN platform and for India to become a temporary member of the UN Security Council Is falling


Vote against India in UNSC
Pakistan had voted against India for temporary membership, but there was a huge turnout in favor of New Delhi and this one vote did not matter in getting India a temporary seat. Qureshi said that although it was a secret vote, Pakistan openly stated that it had voted against India. The Pakistani Foreign Minister said the reason behind the cancellation of special state status given to Jammu and Kashmir by India on August 5 last year. Qureshi termed it an unconstitutional step and also called it a violation of the UN Charter, UNSC resolutions, and international norms.

Failure to propagate Kashmir, in
fact, Pakistan has unsuccessfully tried to air the issue internationally, calling India’s decision on Kashmir a violation of human rights and international norms. He could not get an opportunity to cash in on this issue and now India has got a temporary seat in UNSC. These things are not digesting at all in Pakistan and that is the reason why it keeps on giving speeches every day.

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