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Strong action being taken against those helping terror groups: NIA Chief on target killings in Kashmir

National Investigation Agency Director-General Kuldeep
Image Source : INDIA TV

National Investigation Agency Director-General Kuldeep Singh in an exclusive conversation with India TV.

No matter what terrorist organisations plan or do, they cannot create an atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir which was before the abrogation of Article 370, said National Investigation Agency (NIA) Director-General Kuldeep Singh, in an exclusive conversation with India TV Editor-In-Chief and Chairman Rajat Sharma in Aaj Ki Baat.

Speaking on recent terror attacks in Kashmir where terrorists resorted to minority target killings, NIA chief Kuldeep Singh termed such acts as cowardly attacks saying it’s their frustration.

“The recent target killing of civilians in Kashmir is a sign of frustration by Pakistan-sponsored terrorists post the abrogation of Article 370,” NIA DG Kuldeep Singh said.

Several actions have been taken by security agencies in Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 which has helped normalcy to return in the valley, however, terrorists have also resorted to different strategies and one of them is minority target killings.

But these target killings cannot take place without terrorists being guided by some sympathizer, being provided shelter, or support from over the ground worker, NIA Director-General said.

“There are some terrorist organisation such as Lashkar, Hizbul Mujahideen, Al-Badar, PFF and others. So when members of these terror organisations indulge in terror activities, the J&K police do file cases against them, and if they feel that some unlawful activities act is being invoked then they write it to the government following which NIA starts its investigation,” NIA DG mentioned.

NIA chief Kuldeep Singh said, “terrorist organisations who remain indulge in some terror activities and those who support or help such terror organisations which is a crime… so earlier there used to be no case against them… but when security forces and intelligence agencies informed Government of India about such acts, it took note of it and after its direction, a criminal case was started on October 10.”

Further speaking more on recent terror attacks, Kuldeep Singh said, “terrorists thought that if minorities are targeted, then disruptive forces will emerge, panic will spread among the people and the atmosphere will be spoiled. But they will not succeed.”

“Challenge always exists in the Valley. But it is being tackled in a constructive and fruitful manner,” NIA DG Kuldeep Singh said.

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