Wednesday , October 20 2021

Stay alert even if there is exemption in lockdown, do these 5 things to protect against corona

Despite more than two months of lockdown, the government has to extend it again till June, as the corona virus epidemic could not be controlled. By the way, this time Lockdown 5, starting from June 1, people are getting many discounts. Despite the increasing incidence of corona infection, people need to be cautious. Let us know that the cases of corona infection in the country are constantly increasing. So far, a total of 176652 cases have been reported in the country, while 5164 people have died due to corona. People were facing a lot of trouble due to the lockdown and there was also loss of business, so this time the government has given a lot of relaxation in the lockdown, but people have to think for themselves how to defend themselves. Learn some tips

1. Do not get out of the house unnecessarily
It is okay that in this time lockdown you are allowed to leave the house, but it will not be good to get out of the house unnecessarily. Leave the house and use the mask only when there is urgent work. Follow the rules of social distancing when going to market.

2. Don’t forget to use a sanitizer.
If you go out somewhere, keep a small vial of sanitizer in the pocket so that you can clean the hands from it if needed. At home, you can wash hands and mouth with soap. When going out, stay away from places where there is dirt or garbage.

3. Avoid eating chaat-pakoras.
Now, restaurant and street food joints are allowed to be opened, but still it is better to avoid eating chaat-pakoras outside. The accuracy of the food served in restaurants and hotels cannot be trusted. Take a bottle of water with you when you go out. If you have not taken water, then use bottled mineral water only.

4. Staying distance in public transport
If you are going to and from public transport i.e. train, metro, bus, etc., then make the necessary distance from people and sit. By the way, they are disinfected, but for your safety you have to be vigilant yourself. When you return home, wash your clothes properly.

5. Keep the Arogya Setu App Download, download
the Arogya Setu App of the Government of India in your phone. This only leads to tracking of the corona case. Keeping it downloaded in the phone is mandatory for every Indian citizen who uses a smartphone. In case of any problem with this, you will be able to contact government agencies immediately.

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