Thursday , October 21 2021

Special: Red Summer Centennial Racism

Racism has deep roots in America. When former President Barack Obama is outspoken against racial discrimination and injustice in the country, regardless of America’s democratic traditions, he says that the White House’s blind eye to this injustice is in some way protection. If we go back a century from today, we will be able to understand better what kind of cruelty and hate are there among the whites regarding blacks in America.

In 1919, a black boy was swimming in Lake Michigan in Chicago. Swimming unconsciously he went into the water in an area that was safe for the whites. The white boys started hitting the black boy with stones in the water. The injured black boy died by drowning in water. When police arrived on the spot, he did not arrest any white boys.

There was a big reaction to this incident. In the violence and arson that followed, both blacks and whites were killed. Meanwhile, a planned fire broke out in an area of ​​black people, leaving more than a thousand people homeless. This incident is remembered as ‘Red Summer’ in American history.


America has definitely come out from that era in many respects, but there is still no good situation about racial discrimination. The death of George Floyd once again proves that the country which is the turban of the world’s oldest democracy has yet to undergo a major social and cultural change.

WHO came out in support of racist protests

The ongoing protests against racism in the US are getting support from all over the world. Protests have been taking place in several countries, including the US, following the alleged killing of a black man, George Floyd, by a white police officer in the city of Minneapolis, US. WHO Director-General Tadross Gabrayes says he openly supports the movement against racism worldwide as his organization does not accept any form of discrimination.

Tadross also said that the crowd taking part in such demonstrations would also have to take full precaution when voicing opposition. He said that the protesters need to remember that they are also facing the Corona epidemic. Therefore they should ensure that they do not become part of the spread of infection while being part of protests.

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