Wednesday , June 23 2021

Sonu Sood: milkman was irritated after hearing calls made by people for help! said – ‘Can not afford’

The milkman of Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is upset to hear the calls from those seeking help, he has narrated his problems in this video. Bollywood actor and poor messiah Sonu Sood is constantly working to help people. During the Corona epidemic, he is arranging medicines, hospitals, and oxygen for the needy people without stopping. But now the milkman is also fed up with the phone call for Sonu. The video of this milkman himself has been shared by Sonu Sood on Twitter.

Milkman comes under pressure

Sonu Sood has recently shared a video of the conversation between him and his milkman. Seeing this video, it can be guessed that how Sonu and his team are working day and night under pressure. Because in the video, Dudhwala Guddu is clearly saying that he can no longer bear this pressure. See this VIDEO …

The milkman raised his hands

While sharing this video, Sonu Sood wrote in the caption, ‘My milkman Guddu has also raised his hands. He can no longer bear the pressure. Whoever wants to know how I do it, come and stay with me one day. ‘

The milkman narrated the tragedy

Talking about this video, Sonu and Guddu are seen talking among themselves about the calls coming throughout the day. On this, Guddu says that he gets phone calls from 4 in the morning to 1 to 2 in the night. He says that he gets so many calls that he is fed up.

Sonu explained like this

After listening to Guddu, Sonu says behind the camera, ‘I also get such calls. I listen too, why don’t you? ‘ Then Guddu immediately tells Sonu that he agrees with them but the actor is clever and not everyone has the ability as he has.

people are praying

Seeing this video, people are once again offering prayers for Sonu Sood. He is saying in the comment that the milkman raised his hands, but the one above is with you. So, someone, there is praying for Sonu to stand like this.

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