Sunday , May 9 2021

Sonu Sood did such a big fraud, Kangana gave this reaction


Since last year, actor Sonu Sood has emerged as a messian among the people in this era of epidemic. But recently there are some such things happening on Twitter in which people are calling actor Sonu Sood fraud. In the midst of all this, Kangana runout has also responded. Let’s know what Kangana said to Ranaut and what is the whole matter –

The social media user wrote in his post- ‘You are cheating people who are dying on their own. A 10 liter oxygen concentrator does not cost 1 lakh, and you are charging 2 lakh for a five liter. How do you get to sleep at night by doing fraud like this? ‘


Such a fraud using a crisis to make money ????

Oxygen concentrator ₹2 lakh ????????‍♂️

– Maithun (@Being_Humor) May 3, 2021

Nearly two and a half thousand people have liked this social media user’s tweet, while more than seven hundred and fifty people have retweeted the tweet. Along with this, many social media users have also given their feedback by commenting. However, it is a big thing that Kangana Ranaut has also liked this post.



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