Wednesday , June 23 2021

Sonu Nigam busted singing reality show, said this

Sonu Nigam has busted dance reality shows. He has said that there are many shows whose performances are dubbed separately. A video of Sonu Nigam is going viral amidst the Indian Idol controversy, in which he exposes the Hindi Singing Reality Show. Sonu Nigam is a popular singer in the music film industry. He has contributed immensely to the music sector over the years. Many of his popular songs are still humming today. He also has a huge fan following on social media. He is an Indian Has also been a part of Idol.

In a video, Sonu Nigam is talking to director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri. In this, he is telling the truth about the singing reality show. Sonu Nigam is saying, ‘There are many shows where songs are later dubbed. They are not wrong things. This shows he wants to show the right thing. He has alleged that music companies favor singers. It only gives them the right to play the songs sung by them. It does not give the rights to play songs of other singers. Saying that this music is against the policy.

Sonu Nigam also said that the music company promotes its artists, while other artists are equally talented. Earlier, Abhijeet Sawant had accused the singing reality show of focusing on poverty leaving the talent of the artists Are

While stating this, Abhijit Sawant had said, ‘How poor the producer empty contestant is these days, he keeps on showing here. He talks less about his talent. Reality shows have been in controversy even before this, young children on them. There have been allegations of getting more work done than

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