Sunday , April 11 2021

‘Some people gossip as papas’ Kangana again on Karan Johar

Actress Kangana Ranaut is often in the limelight due to her blatant and conflicting statements. There are many Bollywood celebs on whom Kangana never shies away from targeting. One of them is Karan Johar, a filmmaker. Kangana and Karan’s tip-toe is obvious. At the same time, once again, Kangana has leveled on Karan Johar without naming him.
User tweet

A user praised Simi Garewal and wrote, ‘I am looking at Simi Garewal right now. I don’t think any interviewer can match the level like them. There is no honesty in today’s show. ‘

Kangana’s reaction

In response to this tweet from the user, Kangana wrote, ‘Yes, Simi Garewal has introduced the real look of a celebrity. The show has helped me a lot in my resort with Jaya Maa. Something similar cannot happen in the interviews of those people who turned around to become fathers. Which is about each other’s evil, Gossip, Buli. ‘

Simi Garewal’s show

Let me tell you that in the year 1997 Simi Garewal started her show Rendezvous With Simi Garewal. Simi Garewal interviewed many big stars and even Mukesh Ambani in this show.

Coffee with Karan

While Karan Johar’s show Krefi with Karan started in the year 2004. In this show, Karan has interviewed many legendary celebs.

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