Tuesday , October 19 2021

Some of the dirty customs of the Naga caste of India that we cannot even imagine!

There are many practices and customs prevalent in India. Somewhere or somewhere, Rewa is celebrated somewhere or the other. Some such practices are still considered in the village. You will also know about something and we tell you about some. These practices are very strange. There are some such customs of Naga caste of India, where there are some customs related to forming a relationship that we cannot even imagine. So let’s know about the amazing customs of this Naga caste.

Actually the Naga caste of India has some strange type of laws. If a Naga girl becomes young here, she is given a room in the house. She can form a relationship with any man according to her wish. In this, his parents do not even stop to stop him. However, when she becomes pregnant, she is married to the man. This unique ritual does not run in India, but some small villages are where it is considered right.

If the man refuses to marry, then he is also punished by society. When a Naga caste girl gets married. She goes to her in-laws. As long as she stays inside the in-laws. She cannot form relations with other boys but as soon as she comes to her village.

The rules of the in-laws leave it there. She can form a relationship with any man here. At the same time, that girl’s husband can also have a relationship with any virgin girl after she leaves.

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