Sunday , July 25 2021

Simple steps to get rid of alcohol hangover

Every modern girl dreams to look slim and slim. For this, she adopts many types of methods, even dieting. But after the marriage of the same slim-trim girl, the weight starts increasing. Experts believe that both the lifestyle and body changes of the girl are responsible for this. 

# Restaurant food: Eating in the restaurant as well as eating something or the other while going out. Outside food works to spoil the body. what causes obesity

#Pregnancy: After pregnancy, the weight of girls increases and girls are unable to pay attention to the body due to responsibilities.

# Increase in hunger due to stress: After marriage, many responsibilities come in the life of the girl, due to which the stress increases. Increased stress leads to increased appetite and weight gain.

# Lack of sleep: Before marriage, girls relax and sleep. After marriage, they have to sleep till late in the night, then they have to get up early in the morning. Due to which they are not able to complete their sleep, which is one of the reasons for increasing obesity.

# Change in diet too: After marriage, the girl has to depend on the food prepared in her in-laws’ house. After marriage, there are changes in the diet of the girl, which increase the weight.

Change of hormones: If a girl starts living a married life, then many emotional and hormonal changes also start coming in her. Physical changes also start taking place in the body.

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