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Shrenu Parikh shared Corona after effect, said- gained a lot of weight

Last year, TV actress Shrenu Parikh became Corona positive and strengthened herself mentally to emerge from it. After some time, she recovered, though her struggle did not end. Recently during a conversation, Shrenu said that he was having difficulty in getting work after recovering from Corona.

I had gained a lot of weight
Shrenu says- “The last year was spent in a lot of confusions, not only from Covid but also from my many fears. Post-Covid also had to face many things. My weight had increased a lot. Because of this, My hands started to work. This thing was bothering me mentally. However, as time went on, I got myself mentally and physically motive and now I am quite fit. It is not that I am very slim Gone or my zero figure. I don’t like the concept of zero figure right from the beginning, I like my curves very much. ”

There was a lot of weakness due to which I could not do workouts

Shrenu further adds, “I had to take a lot of medicines for the treatment of Covid which led to weight gain. During that time, I had a lot of weaknesses due to which I was unable to do the workouts. My body was not in shape at all and There was a lot of unfit as well. First I started doing yoga, fit myself mentally, and then slowly started doing the workouts. I have changed my diet a lot. I am feeling very positive and now also working We are getting. The last year has taught me a lot. ”

Miss so much to see me on screen
Recalling Covid’s days, Shrenu says, “I will not deny that I was not a victim of depression at that time. Those people would probably be great to say that we have never been depressed. I am of such a time.” I have encountered when it was very difficult for me to get up from bed, I could not do anything. I used to read Hanuman Chalisa during that time, try to distract my mind from bad thoughts. I got great support from my family, Some well-known producers also gave me the courage to say that this time will pass. To be honest, I am missing a lot to see on screen but I am not taking stress at all. ”

I would like to see a comic role if I get a chance
Recently Shrenu shot some ads and together she is preparing to appear on the OTT platform soon. She says about it, “I will be on screen very soon, this is my promise. Recently I have shot a few ads. I have also shot for OTT though I am not allowed to tell about it at the moment. I like TV shows a lot, I would love to be a part of the TV again. I love comedy, I would love to see myself playing a comic role on the screen. ”

It is worth noting that Shrenu was last seen in the role of Janavi Mittal in the serial ‘Ek illusion Sarvagun Samriddhi’.

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