Friday , September 17 2021

Sending notice of income tax to saints unfortunate: Swami Jitendranand

Varanasi: The Income Tax Department has issued notices to 16 monasteries and ashrams, including 13 akharas, for not giving details of the expenditure of crores of rupees given for saint-devotee residence at the Tirthraj Prayag Kumbh 2019. As soon as the notice is issued, there is increasing resentment among the saints of Kashi.
Swami Jeetendranand Saraswati, the National General Secretary of the All India Saints Committee, described it as unfortunate and an insult to the saints. In this regard, he said on Saturday that he has also written a letter to the Finance Minister and the Finance Secretary. He said that the saints, akharas and the Dharmacharyas have been issued notices. They have not received that money yet. In any work done by the Government of Uttar Pradesh, there were no trusts related to any akhara or ashram. Whatever expenditure was incurred on the government-run organization. The money spent in it had nothing to do with saints, ashrams, akhadas. Neither this money came into his account, nor did he spend it. Despite this, two officials of the Income Tax Department have sent notices to the 13 akhadas and all the major monasteries and temples of Tirtha Raja Prayag. The saints have been asked to present in person and give clarification. This is not only malicious,
Swami Jitendranand told that he has written a letter to the Finance Minister and the Finance Secretary in this matter. If no action is taken in this matter, the saint community will not sit silent. He said that in 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the State Government had instructed to conduct construction work in the camps of each akhadas and Dharmacharyas for the basic facilities of the pilgrims coming in Prayagraj Kumbh. So that saints and devotees can stay there comfortably. The executive corporation Jal Nigam did all the construction work.


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