Sunday , September 19 2021

Scientists found thousands of years old snake-like ‘mysterious’ stick, claim – in ancient times tantriks used to smoke

An intricately carved wooden stick has been discovered by archaeologists in Finland. It is believed that it was used by the Tantriks in the stone age. The perfectly preserved wooden stick, more than half a meter long, is a carving of a snake, shaped like a crawling snake. The discovery has been published in the journal Antiquity.

It was found at Jrvensuo I, a wetland site in the southwest of Finland that was occupied between 4000 BC and 2000 BC and is more than any other wooden artifact found in northern Europe at the time. Is different. Archaeologists say that the stick is 4,400 years old, which means it dates back to the Neolithic period.

Scientists were shocked to see the stick

Study author Dr Satu Koivisto at the University of Turku said that this carved natural-shaped snake sculpture is spectacular and thought-provoking. He said that I have seen many extraordinary things in my career as a wetland archaeologist but the discovery of this statue left me completely speechless and I trembled to see it.

Co-author Dr Antti LaHelma from the University of Helsinki said there appears to be a definite relationship between snakes and humans. He said that this reminds of the jand-phunk of the historical period, where snakes had a special role as the helpers of the Tatriks. Jarwensuo 1 was suddenly discovered by trench diggers during the 1950s, but not fully excavated.

Ancient treasures under threat from climate change

Archaeologists have been working to locate the site since 2019. According to archaeologists, this suggests that Jarwensuo 1 was not only the site of strange rituals associated with snake sculpture, but also many practical activities took place here. Dr Koivisto said that the discovery of the stick could help to further improve our understanding of ancient people and the place where people performed both worldly and sacred activities. Jarwensuo 1 and many other historic sites are under threat from changes in the local environment and climate change.

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