Wednesday , October 27 2021

Salman Khan reveals his longest relationship! Click to know

Salman Khan has opened a secret about his relationship. He has told with whom he has had the longest relationship so far. ‘Bigg Boss 15’ is all set to start from October 2 and the makers have raised the challenge level for the contestants by introducing a jungle theme. The show has been started at Pench National Camp in Madhya Pradesh in the presence of ex-contestants Aarti Singh and Devoleena Bhattacharjee. Host Salman Khan also attended the press conference and answered some interesting questions.

a long relationship with Bigg boss

Salman Khan made everyone laugh here by saying that Bigg Boss is the only relationship in my life that has lasted for so long. Otherwise my relationship… let it go. My relationship with Bigg Boss has brought stability to my life.

Here are the similarities between Salman and Bigg BossFurther, Salman Khan said that there are many similarities between him and Bigg Boss. He said, ‘The similarity between Bigg Boss and me is that both of us are unmarried and hence we can consider ourselves as the boss without any fear or interference.’

sad due to non-increase in salary

Talking about his salary, he said, ‘I keep telling the producers that I have worked so hard, they should consider it and increase my salary, but no one listens. I just pray to God that there comes a time when the channel tells me, Salman, we will increase your salary and I will tell him, don’t let it be. Do you think this can happen? (laughs)’

Salman’s exam is held every year

When Salman was asked what do you get in this show every year? So he says, ‘I love this show, it challenges and tests my patience level. Every time I lose my temper, I feel like I shouldn’t have lost it and then I try more to control it. But the contestants again do something that I have to come and rectify. And it is not that I deliberately scold them or lecture them, we as a team try to guide the contestants when they are wrong. We just try to convince them but sometimes their reaction is such that our reaction also goes up and it seems as if I am scolding them.

There is a lot to learn from the contestantsFurther, Salman said that there is a lot to learn from the show as it has 15 different personalities and sometimes from different walks of life, so we get to learn a lot. When we shoot we don’t get time to interact with a lot of people, but when I am doing Bigg Boss, I get a chance to interact with TV celebrities, film stars, and common people.

strategy to survive in the jungle

Salman says that to survive in the jungle, the only strategy that can work is to become wild. I want to see Jungle Mein Mangal, Jungle Mein Dangal, some romantic stories, fights, but in Seema, beautiful and smiling faces, people stand up, people fight for what is right and moral.

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