Tuesday , September 28 2021

Salman Khan can play this character in the remake of Chiranjeevi’s upcoming film ‘Lucifer’!

South’s well-known superstar Chiranjeevi does not need any introduction.

Let us tell you that these days Chiranjeevi is in a lot of headlines for the remake of the superhit Malayalam film ‘ Lucifer ‘ and for a long time it is in a lot of discussions that Bollywood’s Bhaijaan Salman Khan is going to enter in the remake of the film ‘ Lucifer ‘.

But now news has come out about this film, the news is that it is being told that Salman Khan will not be seen in this film, but his voice can be heard by the audience in this film. Apart from this, it is being told that R. Madhavan can be seen playing the role of Villain in this film.

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