Thursday , October 21 2021

Sachin Tendulkar had sleep sickness, Sourav Ganguly was scared to see;

Sachin Tendulkar is synonymous with cricket. Their names are so many records that they do not even know about them. However, there are some things about him that fans might not know. Sachin Tendulkar has sleep disorders. He also speaks in his sleep, ie mumbling. This information was made public by Sourav Ganguly, former captain of Team India and current chairman of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, on Gaurav Kapoor’s YouTube channel BreakFost with Champion.

Ganguly said, ‘We were on a tour of England. I and Sachin were roommates. One day I saw at night that this man is not working in the room. Walking up. I thought I must have gone to the bathroom. Thinking this, I went to the opposite side and slept. The next day he did not ask anything. The next day again saw that he was up and running at night. So I got up and sat down. I thought what it would do at one and a half at night. He wanders around the room. Rotates and sits on the chair. Then he falls asleep on the side.

Saurav was very scared to see such an action of Sachin. He told Sachin the next day, ‘You are frightening me. What are you doing at night? On this Sachin said, ‘No no, I walk at night in my sleep. So he had this habit of walking in his sleep at night. During the show, Ganguly made many more revelations about Tendulkar.

Sourav Ganguly said, “Sachin used to keep a bat and sandpaper together to keep his bat right, especially during the World Cup.” Ganguly said, ‘In the middle of my career, I also started playing with a heavy bat. Sachin also used to bat heavily. He probably liked my bat feel. I dropped at the 1992 World Cup. There was no selection in the World Cup team.

Ganguly laughed and said, “When people go back (when there is no selection in the team), the companions say go home. No problem. Be cool Will play on the next tour. But Sachin asked me to take your bat. I said, ‘Brother. Also took the bat. What will you do now? Then I gave him the bat for the World Cup. ‘

Sachin has many other characteristics. Such as his favorite player is John McEnroe. He was so fond of McNroe that his hair grew like a braid. They like to eat glucose dipped biscuits in tea. When a biscuit breaks down, they eat it with a spoon.

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