Returned home after eating food in the restaurant, the swelling had lost its hands, it seemed that fear came back to haunt the restaurant, knowing the truth would shocked

The case is of South Korea where a person found it expensive to eat outside. The 71-year-old man went to eat in a restaurant but when he came home, after a few hours his condition was bad, which he was also surprised to see.

After 12 hours  returning home, the skin of his hand started to rot and he saw boils on his hand, which caused him unbearable pain. His skin also started to rot due to this boil. Seeing this, he showed the doctor who came to know that this has happened due to the meat-eating bacteria Vibrio, the doctor took out his hand, but the doctor told that it was too late.

The doctor told that the person was suffering from diabetes and he also had kidney disease due to which he was on dialysis. The doctors gave him intravenous antibiotics. Let me tell you, in such a condition people with diabetes start to suffer even more and their disease takes a long time to be cured. But the doctor was forced to amputate his hand, after which his condition was seen to improve.

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