Wednesday , October 20 2021

Remove China Apps removed from Google Play Store, can still remove Chinese apps by searching like this

New DelhiNothing can be said about the duplicity policies of China . The Google Play Store has removed Remove China Apps, which became helpful in locating Chinese apps from Indian mobile users’ software and then deleting them. Google has not given any reason to remove this app. However, the information about the removal of it has been shared by the Indian company making the app via tweet. Thanking the Indians, the company has also told another way to remove the Chinese app. However, according to experts, the reason for removing this Indian app has been Google’s policies, which are known as Deceptive Practices Policy. Earlier, Google Play Store has also removed the Mitron app which works like ‘Tick Talk’. Significantly, Remove China Apps gained tremendous popularity in a few days, seeing that there was an atmosphere of chaos in China.

The company told how to search now Chinese app
The official tweet of Indian company One Touch App Labs showed that Google Play Store has removed Remove China Apps. This app, which went live on Google Play on 17 May, had downloaded more than 50 lakh users so far. Not only this, on Google Play, this app also received most positive reviews with a 4.9 rating. However, despite the removal of the app that deletes the Chinese app, the company has also suggested a new way to locate and delete the Chinese app. According to the company’s tweet origin country By searching on Google, anyone can know which country the related app belongs to. In this way, Indians can still find Chinese apps and delete them from their mobiles.


Mitron was also removed. Play-Store
experts say that this app has violated the Google Play Store Deceptive Behavior Policy. Under this policy, no app can make any change in the user’s device settings or in the features outside the app, as well as not to induce the removal of any other third party app. In such a situation, Google has removed the Remove China apps from the Play Store due to its policies. It is worth noting that earlier on Tuesday, the Mitron app, which works like Tiktok, has also been removed from the play store.

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