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Remembering the fatal accident: Emotional Mahima Chaudhary said! ‘Ajay-Kajol had hide this thing from the entire industry’

Mahima Chaudhary, an actress who entered Bollywood from director Subhash Ghai’s film ‘Pardes’, has always been remembered for her beautiful smile and her innocent face. But an accident in the 90s changed Mahima’s life and even today when she remembers that time, she goes to town. In one of her recent interviews, Mahima talks about her life-threatening accident and the generosity of her co-actors Ajay Devgn and Kajol.In one of her recent interviews, Mahima told that this accident happened in Bengaluru on the last day of the shooting of her film ‘Dill Kya Kare’. She was out for the shoot when a milkman truck hit her car and her car overturned. No bone was broken in this accident, but his face was completely injured.Mahima told, “The glass of the car was like a bullet in my face.” Mahima told that when she was emerging from her injury, she started preparing to do something other than Cinema. Because she had lost all her hopes of working back. But at such a time, Ajay Devgan helped him a lot, who was also the producer of this film.Talking about a magazine in this interview to Bollywood Bubble, Mahima said, ‘When I had an accident, he (media) came to my shooting set even though he was not allowed to come there, he wrote,’ Mahima Has had an accident, and many marks have fallen on his face, now we can call him ‘Scarface’. These things still haunt me. How much you can go down. ‘

At the same time, he further said, ‘Ajay and Kajol, who were the producers of my film at that time, tried their best not to let anyone know about this accident because at that time this thing could ruin my entire career.’ Not only this, but Ajay also showed him the scars of his injury to encourage Mahima. Mahima told, ‘Ajay helped me a lot. They tried their best to get me the best treatment. Ajay sent me to get treatment in Bangalore, not in Bangalore.

Let me tell you that Mahima took a Bollywood entry in the film ‘Pardes’ with Shah Rukh Khan in 1997. ‘Dil Kya Kare’ was Mahima’s second film.

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