Thursday , October 21 2021

Ratan Tata’s marriage was stuck due to Indo-China war in 1962, still unmarried, know the whole story

From the trade to diplomacy in both countries, a lot seems to have changed in the midst of the ongoing tension with China on the border. The same happened during the 1962 war. Suddenly everything had changed and the slogan of Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai was changed to Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai. At the same time, the wedding of Ratan Tata, a veteran businessman of the country, was also happening. Ratan Tata himself had revealed in an interview recently how he was not married due to the war between India and China. In an interview, Ratan Tata had said that he was in Los Angeles, USA at that time and was in a relationship with a Chinese woman. Both had made up their mind to marry, but this could not happen.

Ratan Tata explains, ‘I was in Los Angeles and in love. Our marriage was almost settled. At the same time, I decided to come to India for some time so that I could take care of my ailing grandmother. She was ill since last year. I thought that the person I want to marry will also come with me to India. But due to the 1962 war between China and India, his family refused to send him to India. With that our relationship ended.

Not only this, but Ratan Tata also said about his childhood, that the period was very good. He said that he and his brothers were a little worried due to the divorce between their families. Even children in school ragging because of this issue. Ratan Tata had said that my mother had remarried, due to which children in school kept saying anything. But my grandmother taught me that one should preserve his honor at any cost.

On his relationship with his father, Ratan Tata had said that his and my likes were often opposite. When I played the violin, he used to ask me to play the piano. If I wanted to go to America for college, then it was their opinion that I should go to Britain. If I wanted to become an architect, my father wanted to be an engineer. Ratan Tata says that he was able to go to America only because of his grandmother, who supported him.

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