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Rare coincidence on Ganesh Chaturthi tomorrow, yoga is becoming like the birth of Ganpati

Ganesh Sthapana 2023: Ganesh Utsav festival is starting tomorrow from 19 September 2023. Tomorrow idols of Ganesha will be installed. Ganesh Chaturthi begins with the Chaturthi tithi of Bhadrapada Shukla, which lasts till Anant Chaturdashi. According to the Puranas, Ganesha was born on the second day of the day on the chaturthi of Bhadoo. At the time of the birth of Ganesha, Swati Nakshatra and Abhijeet Muhurat were there. This time too, a rare coincidence is happening on Ganesh Chaturthi. Installing the idol of Ganapati in such an auspicious coincidence will give immense happiness and prosperity in life.

Mata Parvati had made the idol of Ganapati.

According to mythology, tomorrow, 19 September 2023, Tuesday, the same auspicious coincidences are being formed which were formed at the time of the birth of Lord Ganesha. In such auspicious yogas, Goddess Parvati had made an idol of Ganapati in the afternoon and Shiva had put life in it. This time too, like the time of birth of Lord Ganesha, Tuesday and Swati Nakshatra will remain. Apart from this, on the day of Ganesh Sthapana tomorrow, 4 Raja yogas named Shash Raj Yoga, Gajkesari Raj Yoga, Amala Yoga and Parakram Yoga are making Chaturmaha Yoga together.

Auspicious time for Ganpati Installation

The first muhurat is from 19:9 am to 30 am on September 11, the second muhurat from 11:25 am to 2 pm.

Auspicious muhurat of Ganpati installation in shops, offices and factories – first muhurat from 19 am to 10:11 am on September 25, second muhurat from 12 noon to 1:20 pm

– Make eco-friendly idols in the house for Ganesh installation. For this, make an idol of Ganpati Bappa by mixing the soil of Shami or Peepal root in the soil of Ganga or any holy river. Keep in mind that wherever you take soil, remove four fingers of soil from the top and take the soil inside.

If you do not want to make a clay statue, then you can also install a Ganpati idol made of cow dung, betel nut, white madar root, coconut, turmeric, silver, brass, copper or crystal.

Keep in mind that only about 12 fingers i.e. about 7 to 9 inches of idol should be installed in the house. It should not be installed in a higher house. However, any large idol can be installed in temples and pandals.

– Install the idol of Ganapati in the east, north or northeast angle of the house. Apart from this, you can also install the brahma sthan of the house i.e. the empty space in the middle of the house. But do not make the mistake of placing the idol in the bedroom, under the stairs and near the bathroom.

– The idol of Ganesha sitting in the house and Ganapati standing in the office, shop, factory should be installed.

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