Ranbir Kapoor celebrates his birthday with Alia Bhatt in a luxurious suite

Ranbir Kapoor celebrated his birthday at a luxury resort in Jawai, Rajasthan. Now the fans are left open to hear the cost of one night of this resort. Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have recently returned from a vacation in Rajasthan. Ranbir celebrated his 39th birthday on Tuesday by spending time with his girlfriend. Alia also informed me about this through a post on Instagram. She tagged Suzanne Jawai Camp in Jawai One.

Now, after checking the official website of the resort, it has been found that this resort is reopening on October 1. Due to this special arrangements were made for Alia and Ranbir. According to the website, Sujan Jawai Camp is nestled amidst granite rock, where leopards and animals roam in the open. There is also a ‘tent and suite’ arrangement which is reminiscent of ‘Jungle Drive’. The ‘Tented Rock Suite’ will cost you ₹91,000 to spend a night at this resort.

On the occasion, Alia wished Ranbir a happy birthday and wrote, ‘Happy Birthday my lifel’ In the pictures he can be seen chilling on the sand. Rumors say that both were also searching for the destination for their marriage. Alia and Ranbir have been dating each other for almost four years. Both have bought a new house for themselves and regularly supervise the construction work. Ranbir had said in an interview last year that he would have got married earlier but it has been delayed due to the Corona pandemic. Ranbir also said, ‘I want to get married very soon.’

Ranbir Kapoor is a film actor. He has worked in many films. His roles are well-liked. He is not active on social media, while Alia is active on social media.

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