Saturday , April 17 2021

Rakhi Sawant: ‘Wear a mask, Corona is your maternal uncle’

The cases of coronavirus are increasing steadily once again across the country. Many big celebs, from ordinary people, have not been able to escape the grip of this virus. Given the increasing cases there, the government in Maharashtra has decided to put a lockdown on the weekend. Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant’s reaction to the rising cases of Corona has come to the fore. Not only this, Rakhi even scolded a person for not wearing a mask while walking.

Don’t be afraid of being corona- Rakhi

Rakhi was spotted outside the gym last evening. During this, while talking to the media, Rakhi said, ‘My Maharashtra does not know who has got the eye which is not going to Corona from here. I do not know when Corona will run away. I tell everybody to hold masks. If you have corona, do not be afraid but go to the doctor or isolate yourself and sit in the house.
Rakhi has done the corona test 11 times

Rakhi further says, ‘I want to appeal to those who are making false certificates of Corona, do not do so. Many people are traveling with this certificate. I too got a call to make a certificate but I refused. Till now I have done my corona test 10-11 times.

Rakhi raged on the person for not applying the mask

While talking to the media, Rakhi flared up when she saw a person on the street going without a mask. Rakhi reprimanded the person and said, ‘Put on your mask, corona is not your uncle, neighbor, a relative who will not affect you.’

Rakhi Sawant was seen in the 14th season of Big Boss. Rakhi was well-liked by the people in the show. At the same time, after coming out of Big Boss’s house, his fan following has also increased.

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