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Raj Kundra proposed to Shilpa Shetty by giving her a 5-carat diamond ring, the actress rejected the idea of ​​launching her in films

Raj Kundra is currently in judicial custody due to the porn film case. He was arrested on July 19 and has not got bail since then. Meanwhile, an old interview of Shilpa Shetty is going viral. In this, when she was asked if she would ever want to launch Raj as an actor, she said, our production house will not be able to afford her.

He is a huge star in the house and is gaining a lot of popularity. In an interview in 2014, Raj Kundra was also asked if he would ever want to become an actor and he said, “The first thing is who will see me?” The second thing is that as a businessman, no one will be able to afford me.

Proposed with a 5-carat ring

In another interview, Shilpa shared her love story with Raj. She had told that Raj had proposed to her in Paris. She then went on a shoot there and Raj had also reached there. Raj had booked the entire hotel to propose to her. Then he proposed to Shilpa for marriage by giving her a 5-carat diamond ring.

Seeing a very precious ring, Shilpa was thinking, then Raj told her that I will give her a bigger ring in marriage. After this Shilpa had said yes to the marriage and both of them got married in 2009 with pomp. After marriage, they became the parents of two children, whose names are Viaan and Samisha.

Shilpa was not ready for a relationship with Raj

Talking about this Shilpa was not ready to get into any kind of relationship with Raj, Raj said, “I would like to say that she ran after me in Diya Le, you are the one I want to marry, But that would be a lie, but I had fallen behind washing my hands and feet.”

Shilpa did not want to leave India and go to London

Raj continued, “I said, let’s try. But he said, ‘Raj, the relationship won’t work.’ She was so candid, she didn’t even give me a chance to impress her. I said, ‘Why won’t work?’ She said, ‘I can’t leave Bombay, I can’t leave India, and you live in London’.

Raj bought a property in Juhu for Shilpa

Raj said, the very next day, he called producer Vashu Bhagnani and said that he wanted to buy a house in Mumbai. Vashu said that if he is interested then there was a property in Juhu. Raj bought the house without looking and 10 minutes later called Shilpa and said, “You were saying that you would be staying in Bombay. You must have known Mr. Bachchan’s house, I have taken a house in front of his house, now say. ”

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