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Queen of Egypt Cleopatra: this is the world’s most mysterious queen, a strange work done to maintain beauty

New Delhi:  There were many kings and queens in the world, whose life is full of secrets. A similar story is of an Queen of Egypt Cleopatra, who used to bathe with 700 donkey milk to preserve her beauty. There are many things about them. Apart from being the most beautiful queen in the world, she is also considered to be the most mysterious queen. Say they have knowledge  (Knowledge)  also stores.

Beauty secret of queen of egypt

Queen of Egypt Cleopatra, who was the ruler of Egypt, is said to have bathed with donkey milk to preserve her beauty (Cleopatra Beauty). Cleopatra was the Empress of Egypt from 51 BCE to 30 BCE. At that time, Cleopatra was called the most beautiful queen in the world. His name is recorded in history as a person who was full of secrets.


Rani had knowledge of 5 languages

Cleopatra Beauty was so beautiful that along with many kings, military officers were also caught in the trap of her beauty. On the basis of her beauty, she used to trap kings and military officers in her web and get all her work done out of them. The queen is said to have had physical relations with hundreds of men. Apart from this, Queen Cleopatra also had knowledge of 5 languages ​​of the world. Due to this too, she would soon join anyone and knew all her secrets.


Died at an early age

Cleopatra was the last pharaoh to rule over Queen of Egypt Cleopatra. Cleopatra died at the age of 39. It is believed that Cleopatra committed suicide by stinging a snake. However, some people say that he died of drug abuse. Some people even say that Cleopatra was killed by being bitten by a snake.


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